Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Art History through Critical Analysis

During this art class, we engaged in the practice of a critical art analysis looking at the work of the Inuit community of Cape Dorset. We were split into 2 groups per table. With the 4 tables in the room, there were 8 pictures to examine overall. My group started with the picture above. The… Continue reading Art History through Critical Analysis

Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Element of Design: Value

Value – The relative lightness and darkness of an object We spent two of our art classes exploring the element of value, starting with practice creating a realistic drawing of a mug focusing on perspective and shading. We learned that even something as simple as how we hold our pencil can have an effect on… Continue reading Element of Design: Value

EDCI 336 · Passion Project

How to Build My First Episode?

I’ve been exploring quite a few means to teach coding in the classroom as a satellite interest around my passion project, however it all started with my wondering if lessons would be more engaging and fun for students if they could learn through playing games. My youngest sister is currently a middle school student in… Continue reading How to Build My First Episode?

Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Image Making Strategies

There are 16 image development strategies listed in the BC curriculum: Imagination Magnification Elaboration Stories Rotation Reversal Point of View Stylization Juxtaposition Metamorphosis Distortion Exaggeration Superimposition Fragmentation Seriation Animation Among them, we studied the last 4: superimposition, fragmentation, seriation, and animation. Superimposition Each table in the room was set up as a station to explore one… Continue reading Image Making Strategies

EDCI 336

Creative Commons and Open Education

Copyright law surrounding media is a hardly discussed topic that we probably should be taking a more proactive stance in teaching to current students. I would argue that while children old enough to begin writing research pieces know that simply copying and pasting other peoples’ work is plagiarism, the same attention to detail is not given to… Continue reading Creative Commons and Open Education