Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Sketchbook Self-Evaluation

Our professor has asked us to self-evaluate our sketchbooks. To do this, she has asked us to choose 1 item from the Creative Thinking competency profile and 1 item from the Social Responsibility competency profile that we feel were exhibited by the work in our sketchbooks. We are to justify a mark for ourselves out of 5 following this scale:

  • 3.5 = competent performance
  • 4 = good performance
  • 4.5 – 5 = excellent performance
Creative Thinking: 2) Generating Ideas

I often come up with new ideas when I am allowed freedom to play around with them, which usually revolve around my interests and passions. I am also often inspired by others and generate ideas through that as well. I do engage in a lot of deliberate research of the topics that interest me, which help me to be more easily spontaneously inspired. I do pursue those interests over time, however I still have work to be done when it comes to consciously quieting my mind. I often have a lot of ideas, with very little time to pursue them all. This can be challenging when I am working on a piece, but already have my next two in mind, itching to start.

Mark: 4/5

Social Responsibility: 3) Valuing Diversity

I am a strong believer in being respectful and inclusive of all. Every person is living their own rich lives, full of their own perspectives based off of their own experiences. There is no way to understand an other without affording them the basic right of being heard from their own perspective. I enjoyed learning about other sensory preference learners, as well as other cultures. I can advocate for others, explaining how their situation may be unfair. I will continue to take action to support diversity and defend human rights in real life and online, because I have the power to help make voices that are just as important as mine heard.

Mark: 5/5


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