Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Element of Design: Form

Form – A three dimensional area filled and surrounded by space

The final element of design that we studied in art class was form. We created plasticine reliefs in the style of Barbara Reid. We examined how she used both space and form in her work to inspire our own creations. We were asked to use one concept related to space discussed in class, as well as to choose a colour scheme for our pieces.

Bulbasaur using his vines to reach an apple in the tree

I focused on diminishing detail and colour perspective for my concepts of space. In future, I would add less detail to the sky in the background as I think all the swirls makes the relief busier than I had intended. I definitely used more than just one colour scheme in this piece, as well. I could challenge myself to stick to just one colour scheme next time. For the sky and Bulbasaur’s body, I used a monochromatic blue scheme. For Bulbasaur’s vines, bulb and tree leaves, I used a monochromatic green scheme. For the tree trunk and dirt, I used a monochromatic brown scheme. Finally for the grass, I used a tertiary colour mixing yellow and green. The red of the eyes and the apple are complementary to the green used in the relief, but this was not so much intentional as simply being the colour of the prototype of an apple.

Final product closed in its case. The colours are dulled a bit by the foggy plastic

My chosen mentor artist for form is my friend and talented artisan Cate, who runs Nerd Fix, a geek inspired line of plushes, pillows, hats, patches, pins and other like merchandise. All of her plushes are stylized with the element of form in mind, made primarily with sewn fleece. This particular plush is a Sad Loaf made this summer 2016 featuring a cylindrical body and tail, triangles for ears and nose, ovals for paws, and circles for eyes.

Sad Loaf by Nerd Fix, 2016

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