Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Element of Design: Space

Space – Area around and inside a shape

Our first space activity goes back a little earlier than the others to when we made our class graffiti mural. We were invited to draw something that represents us that no one else in our cohort already knows. Well dang, because our cohort is pretty close and I don’t know what else I can say that’s new information. I’m an open book, apparently. Of course everyone already knows of my passion for makeup and love for video games, however, it turns out there was something mildly interesting that I could share. We were working on exploring the concepts of positive and negative space, so I got to work drawing four different shapes and cutting them out. Once I got to the third shape, I remembered that I don’t particularly enjoy doing art when it becomes too time consuming and left the fourth shape to live its solitary life attached to my page forever.

Positive and negative space activity cutouts

To explain the colourful outlines above, we next used the positive space cutouts and negative space holes outlined in a thick layer of oil pastel to smudge onto a new piece of blank paper to create our final product. My mildly interesting secret was that my favourite Nintendo game of the WiiU’s console generation is Splatoon, a paintball style terrain shooter starring squid kids.

Squid and ink splats created by smudging oil pastels into positive and negative space

Our next space activity was creating a 1 point perspective image using the vanishing point, where things are so far away that they appear smaller and closer together until eventually they converge into a single point. Conversly, this also means that as objects get closer, they appear larger and wider. We attempted to recreate this effect with our drawings.


Finally, we looked at concepts of space by going around to each table doing centres. There were four tables overall, which had us look at diminishing detail, diminishing size, colour perspective and overlapping.

The above were instructions left at the stations. This is what I produced for each:

Concepts of space

I chose Joe Hill as my mentor artist for the element of space. This 3D pavement art was created at the Solaris Building in Singapore, and gives the illusion of negative space with the building continuing further down. There was no recorded date for this piece.

Solaris Building – Singapore by Joe Hill

Another interesting use of negative space, with an even more interesting backstory, are the puzzle pictures featuring in the BBC morphogenetic field experiment which you can read about here if you are inclined to confirm or find out what is in the images below.


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