EDCI 336 · Passion Project

Halloween Math Games Freebie: Halloween Bump!

During my Wednesday observations of Mrs. Agnew’s grade 2 class, she asked if we, the student teachers, would be interested in bringing in a math game to teach to the kids and add to their math game binders. I love math and I love games, so I was quick to agree and start thinking of what kind of game I wanted to bring into the class.

I have discovered Pinterest as an awesome resource for finding ideas for fun activities for children for school and otherwise, so I decided to browse around there to see what I could find. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it would be fun to tie my math game into the upcoming spooky pseudo-holiday since Pinterest was clearly displaying their best Hallowen pins. This lead me to search specifically for Halloween games and that’s how I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers! What a fantastic website where teachers can share the resources they have developed for a nominal fee, or even upload their resource packs for free!


I found this free set of Halloween bump games by Games 4 Learning and they were a hit! The kids had fun starting with the addition game and some felt up to the challenge of trying the subtraction one as well. I will definitely be returning to this site for more fun resources the next time I’m in need!


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