Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Image Making Strategies

There are 16 image development strategies listed in the BC curriculum:

  1. Imagination
  2. Magnification
  3. Elaboration
  4. Stories
  5. Rotation
  6. Reversal
  7. Point of View
  8. Stylization
  9. Juxtaposition
  10. Metamorphosis
  11. Distortion
  12. Exaggeration
  13. Superimposition
  14. Fragmentation
  15. Seriation
  16. Animation

Among them, we studied the last 4: superimposition, fragmentation, seriation, and animation.


Each table in the room was set up as a station to explore one of these 4 image development strategies. I didn’t end up making it to the superimposition table, but I got a snap shot of the newspaper art done in the style of Carl Beam by my classmate, Kat.



This station was inspired by Picasso. We were directed to take two pictures of ourselves using Apple’s Photobooth app. I’m making a silly face in both pictures which use a distorting filter; one front facing and the other profile view. We printed out both images and then cut the up and created a fragmented face using parts from both images in odd places. We used the colours that we felt matched the emotions of the picture to add emphasis.



We worked with patterned stamps at this table to create work inspired by Andy Warhol. I started off by making 2 green spiral patterns in the middle of the page and immediately decided that they looked liked the eyes of a chameleon, hiding in colourful foliage. I drew the chameleon a little face with a fine-tipped sharpie, then proceeded to stamp the entire page in different coloured leaves.



This is the table that I spent the most time at, trying to perfectly sculpt my charmander. I spent so much time on him that I didn’t have time to make him a nice background and hardly made it to the other stations! The art at this station was inspired by Disney. After carefully molding his head, body and tail, I detailed charmander’s face with a mechanical pencil lead, and folded part of the foreground to make charmander look like he was standing on the grass.


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