Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Element of Design: Shape

Shape – Two dimensional line joined at both ends

We started our lesson on shape arranging foam stickers on half a page to create a design for print-making. Our professor limited the number of stickers we could use to save on time, which I found to be an excellent strategy for keeping the slower of us me from going overboard with a crazy intricate design. We then coloured over our foam designs with a felt marker and folded our papers over on top of it, stamping an image on the other half of the page.

After we made our print, our professor had us flip our pages over and draw the shape design on the left, and make a new print on the right. I ended up drawing my Pikachu sketch backward since I was looking at the print and not the original foam shape. Before making our new print, we used a tool, a mechanical pencil in my case, to make imprints in the foam to give it texture and add dimension. I did my best to draw in Pikachu’s iconic details, even taking care to colour the foam slightly differently in this variation.

My mentor artist for shape is local British Columbia artist, Brenda McIntyre, owner of Cheeky Monkey Glassworks in Nanaimo. This piece made from glass is unnamed and not dated, however it makes beautiful use of organic shapes with the leaves and branches.



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