Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Element of Design: Colour

Colour – Light that is reflected off an object

We started our exploration on the element of design of colour with a colour matching sheet. We reviewed our primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Red, yellow and blue are primary colours that make up all the rest and can’t be formed by mixing. Orange, green and purple are secondary colours that are made by mixing two primary colours. Tertiary colours are made by mixing a primary and a secondary colour, like when red and green are mixed to make brown. We also learned about monochromatic colours, which are various shades (add black) and tints (add white) of one colour, and complementary colours, which are a primary and a secondary colour that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel.

Colour concepts for elementary teachers handout by Kathleen Schmalz

After filling in these worksheets, we created our own colour wheels made out of plasticine. It was really cool folding the differently coloured plasticine together until they made the colours we were looking for, with the exception of non-compliant purple (the red and blue mixed together refused to be anything other than a slightly purple hued brown).

Our colour diagram was less like a wheel, and more like an atom or the solar system

Our last colour activity for the day was to choose a colour scheme from the handout above to create something of your choice. The possibilities were endless and I decided to focus on complementary colours. Since complementary colours are vibrant, especially when contrasted, I wanted to make something that felt LOUD and NOISY. I did this less with the use of colours, and more with my use of line. I may have been a few classes early with that one!

LOUD – Reds clashed with greens, blues against oranges, and yellows wrestled purples

The mentor artist that I chose for colour is makeup artist Linda Hallberg. This watercolour-like look was created entirely with makeup June 2016, inspired by the LGBTQ pride flag, and worn in support LGBTQ rights.

Click here to be redirected to her Instagram to check out her various other colourful, editorial, or sultry looks.


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