Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Child Development Misconceptions

We completed these Stages of Artistic Development worksheets in our art class to test our misconceptions about in artistic development in children. As it turns out, I had many misconceptions that I now know a little more about! Feel free to only read the questions and answer for yourself before reading the answers beside them.

All of the correct answers to my misconceptions are noted in red.

For those that may have difficulty reading the short answers in red from the picture, they are as follows:

5. This favours visual learners over other with poor fine motor skills. Also does not encourage thought when kids don’t know what they’re colouring.

6. Learning preference will have an effect on how learners will react to different materials + speed of work.

7. Lack of focus and interest in the art curriculum in schools.

8. Advantage of helping teacher to not hold unfair/unrealistic expectations. Disadvantage of potentially not allowing children to develop at their own rates, discriminating against slower developers or ignoring quick learners.


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