EDCI 336 · Passion Project

An Introduction to This Blog

In my Technology Innovation in Education (EDCI 336) course, we have been tasked with two major assignments this semester: Documenting teacherless learning sessions in which we are encouraged to explore educational technology and share them to our digital personal learning network (PLN), and using technology to engage in research and learning for a self-directed passion project. We have been encouraged to construct a personal learning plan to accomplish these goals and to document our journey in some capacity.

As soon as we were told we would be doing passion-based projects, I knew that I would want to use technology in some way to make learning more fun. My first thought was to create some sort of app to gamify learning, but wanted to work within the timeframe of this course to accomplish a finished or near-finished project. I then decided that I wanted to look into what resources are already out there that I could use to gamify some aspect of learning in the time that we have in this course. My youngest sister had been using an app called Episode pretty obsessively probably a year ago, to the point where she had taught herself how to code her own Episodes in the programming langauge the app uses to make her own stories. Episode defines itself as “a mobile platform of interactive animated stories” and this sounded exactly like what I was looking for to easily gamify some sort of lesson or unit. After I had settled on this, I called my sister and asked her to tell me about what was unenjoyable for her during the last school year in grade 6. She told me that she really disliked having to sit through an IMAX documentary about Hubble and that she had no idea how percentages were used or manipulated. I then made it my mission to produce something that will maybe not have her jumping for joy, but at least be engaging and enjoyable enough to capture her interest in revisiting those topics.

With all that being said, welcome to my blog. I was encouraged to start it due to my EdTech course, but I also wanted to create a website where I could share the information and resources I have gathered and created with anyone who is interested. I want this to be an open forum for access to what I have gathered along my never-ending professional journey. I will also be sharing my digital scrapbook for my Art in the Elementary or Middle School Classroom (EDCI 307A) on this site, as well as other odds and ends associated with the various other courses I am taking this semester. Please bear with me and my blog as we go through all sorts of growing pains as we grow over this semester and change and adapt as my life and professional endeavours move on.


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