Art Sketchbook · EDCI 307A

Learning Styles – In Class Worksheets

When we learned about sensory preferences in art class, we also examined 3 scenarios to identify what type of sensory preference the teacher may have an unintentional bias in favour of. Feel free to read and guess for yourself if the teacher is demonstrating visual, auditory, tactual, or kinesthetic preferences, then compare to the answer beside the scenario.

Scenario 1) Visual; Scenario 2) Auditory; Scenario 3) Tactual

We also did a fun little quiz to get a non-serious idea of what our individual learning preferences may be. Either I was indecisive that day, or I lean toward all of the preferences! I will admit that I fudged the results a bit. I don’t listen to CBC radio, but I do spend most of my day listening to streams as I work. Take the quiz to find out your sensory preference!

If you answered 1&2: Visual; 3&4: Auditory; 5&6: Tactual; 7&8: Kinesthetic

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